The people behind Voxi

The desire to find a product idea that represents us and has a major social impact led us to this niche. We discovered that 1 in 4 children have language impairments, plus there are countries where a parent can wait up to 24 months to have access to a speech therapist.

Our vision

To provide equal education and health opportunities for children with special needs to reach their full potential by democratising access to therapists and special educators through digital solutions.


AnaMaria Onică

Co-fondator & CEO VoxiKids

Cristian Băiță

Co-fondator & CTO VoxiKids

Board Members

Matei Dumitrescu

Antreprenor & Investitor

Mihai Guran

Antreprenor & Investitor

Scientific coordinators

University lecturer PhD. Carolina Bodea-Hațegan

Beatrice Erimia

Speech Therapist

Bev Jessup

Speech Therapy Specialist & Teletherapy Expert - UK

Badea Cristina

Clinical Psychologist

My involvement in Voxi gives me the opportunity to make a noticeable impact in the lives of children and parents as well as educators and speech therapists.

AnaMaria Onică
CEO – Voxi